Dealing with toxic offenders

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I’ll never forget the day I caught my uncle jump into a push-up position and start counting from “100” like he wasn't just laying on the couch eating chips a moment ago. He heard the doorbell ring and sprang into action, “101, 102, 103…” as the guests came in and admired his machoness.

Man, it was so pathetic. Everyone was always complimenting him for how strong he was. So, I ran and told the rest of my cousins what I saw. “He’s a phony! His muscles are fake!”

And for that entire summer before school started- all my cousins and…

The truth lies somewhere between the myth and the legend

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I heard that phrase a lot while growing up; that girls mature faster than boys. That’s why the boys couldn't help clean up the table after lunch. Evolution, they called it. So where’s my royal respect? We should have transformed into supernatural creatures by now and catapulted into space if that were true.

Now that I’m older, I see that it was just another line used to justify men’s shortcomings and cover up their own lackluster. A gaslighting tactic to excuse bad behavior. It’s a way to keep women disillusioned, all while assigning zero accountability to the men.

For starters…

*I’m crying in spinster tears*

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You’ll end up single and alone- a guy told me that the other day and I wanted to reach into the laptop screen, grab him, and shake his hand. DEAL! I won't let you down. Yay. I’m gonna paint the whole house pink, including the bathroom and kitchen.

There was a year or two in my life when this line scared me- you’ll end up single and alone- sometime in my twenties. Maybe it made me feel pressured like I was going to miss out on something big. Maybe it was during my pick-me days. …

A humble apology for being so un-stylish in the past

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I saw the most beautiful woman the other day. Everything about her was sensational. She was in a pastel green wrap-around top that was draped across her shoulders- revealing but not quite, something about the way it clung to her body. Extra-loose-type pants made from silky material that danced with the wind. Long multi-colored beaded necklaces and an arm- cuff. A half up- half — down hairstyle, like a crown- a huge one- made from her auburn braids that flowed down to her waist. People on the street moved around her like she was a majestic ship passing through. …

I thought we were fixing each other's crowns, not snatching them

The Guardian

At the crowing of a Mrs. Sri Lanka 2021, the former year’s titleholder, Caroline Jurie, decided to yank the crown off the winner's head and place it on the first runner-up instead. She claimed that the winner, Pushpika De Silva, was a divorcee and hence, disqualified from the race.

Did you know your beauty was tied to your relationship status? Yay! Guess I’m fresh out of fucks to give.

I don’t support Beauty Pageants for the sole reason that they keep the patriarchy alive and well

It’s true. They are always based on some misogynistic standard and funded by a bunch of crusty old men with ego problems. Let’s not listen to them when it comes to…

Blame-Shifting Used In Religion Is Killing Us

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It’s only been one post between the last time I wrote about a Religious, porn-addicted, Racist misogynist who went on a shooting rampage. Sadly, the title to my last post still holds. I meant every word of it. I even stated: Have you noticed this specific combination? I sure have, irrespective of skin color. There are bigots on all sides of the aisle.

This week, a mass murderer in Boulder, Colorado, went on a shooting rampage, killing 10 people. He had an AR-556 pistol. He bought it six days before the massacre. He also had a 9 mm handgun. He…

That would be: Not all men

It’s Fragile- Monday’s, and not all men are causing a scene. Actually, it’s fragile every single day of the week but I usually block out the negativity on weekends. Allow me to swoosh onto the mic to release my latest poem, just kidding; I’ll stay in my lane. Let me give a toast instead. Ahem, ahem, move the fuck up….

Not all men suck, just the weak ones.

Not all men suck, just the ones who dont speak up.

And sometimes, it's even the ones who do.

Like last week, for example. A cargo vessel that got stuck in the…

Lil Nas X is the gift that keeps on giving

Screenshot by Author — Youtube

Today, 21-year-old rapper Lil Nas X dropped his new song called “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” and broke the internet.

In his music video, Lil Nas X slides down the pole and goes straight to hell. I mean, society told him he would end up there all his life anyway, so he made sure to arrive in style. Yup, he put his leather boots on, twirled all the way down there, and grinded on Satan; even stole his horns. People are infuriated, but I’m infuriated I wasnt invited.

This is literally what my brand is about. Call me what…

Let's show them how colorful we are

image via Nada

Hi, I’m Nada, but I like to refer to myself as the Mc’Chehade when I write. You are what you write, after all, so you bet you’re going to get a burger dipped in some flavor and soul, a touch of junk, and loads of crunch. Don't forget the large fries; everyone knows I’m so extra.

Ironically, I’m the type of woman who can’t speak up for herself in a room. That’s why I started writing; I wanted to express myself, and slowly I found my voice. I found power in other people’s voices. Actually, I found so much more…

Let’s call it what it is.

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Seven women and one man didn’t shoot themselves. The headlines need to check themselves. A Religious, Porn- Addicted, Racist, Misogynist did. What a combination. Have you noticed this combination a lot lately? I sure have.

A 21-year-old white man went on a shooting rampage in Atlanta on March 17, 2021. He shot eight people; seven women, six of whom were Asian, and one man. The six Asian women were killed. But I noticed the media refused to slap a label on him- it was too early to make a judgment. …

Nada Chehade

I finally grew the ovaries to speak up. Insta@nada.tings

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