From the Desert to the Apple Trees

Land Resistance

Nada Chehade
Apr 26, 2024
Photo by Mhmd Sedky via Pexels

I wish a bite of knaffeh fell from the sky

And a ripple of uttra-filled golden dunes whispered to the lands:

Remember who you are

From the desert to the apple trees

Rocks, mud, rivers, bees — paws and feet

Land solidarity

It won’t be the first time we came together

How beautiful we are together

In the story of vanquished white demons and throne toppling freedom

Hi, I’m Nada, and all day I dream. The people, plants, and animals will rise across the oceans against a great evil that’s plagued our lands for centuries. Apartheid walls will fall. Checkpoints, borders, and passports will no longer be. We’ll drink Soup Joumou together, from the desert to the apple trees.

Will you do your part, dear reader?