Leaflets From The Sky

Nada Chehade
4 min readDec 15, 2023

Colonial sadism from Isreal

Colonial leaflets from Israel used to make sandwich wraps
Zionist leaflets dropped on the residents of Gaza being used as sandwich wraps

Send us your leaflets

High from the sky, noses up in the air

As a testament to the racial hierarchy you created

Send us your leaflets

from warplanes worth millions, down to the cages you threw us in

While you masquerade as oppressed

Send us your leaflets

and we’ll wrap our man’ooshes with your colonial threats

As evidence of our pride and your depravity

Send us your leaflets

With civilized grammar edits, uncultured feelings, and Western fragility

And we’ll upcycle them because we love each other and our land

Thousands of leaflets have been dropped on Gaza and the West Bank since Oct 7, 2023. The Zionist occupiers excel at sending bombs from air to kill civilians, making Arab- face TikToks, boasting about their thievery, Borating for pity, and wasting tons of paper on a population they’ve besieged.

Messages from our colonizers range between threats to “leave” while being under blockade, suggestions to drown ourselves at sea, using the Quraan to offend us, and random disses — only incels send disses from the sky.

If you ask these dual passport holders why they came from all corners of the globe to kill and subjugate Palestinian natives, they’ll tell you it’s because they’re antisemitic and that God promised them their homes.

In one of the leaflets, the nuclear power Zionist occupation tells civilians under their barbaric occupation, “Acts like a lion on me and in war he is a bunny.” Which isn’t shocking to any Palestinians. Our colonizers are dumb as hell.

According to several witnesses, including a Kuwaiti delegate who was interviewed on Baraka, Israeli troops are leaving a trail of shit-filled diapers all over the streets of Gaza. In the interview, he explains that the third strongest and most advanced army in the world is scared to open the hatch of their six million dollar tanks, so they shit themselves while waiting for orders in our camp.

Abu Obeida from Hamas said the same thing, adding that the diapers were “specifically, Pampers.”

When I heard that Israeli settlers were complaining about the noise from military helicopters landing at a hospital in Tel Aviv, transporting their injured soldiers, I immediately thought of Zio-selfishness. These people have no ties to the land or each other.

As Ehud Barak refers to it, “ The villa in the Jungle” is being disturbed. And the settlers want to go back to their everyday settler lives when they could rave next to our concentration camp while Palestinians die quietly, away from their minds—the forgotten people.

Aviva Siegel, an Israeli captive who was released through the hostage exchange deal, said in a meeting with Netanyahu that they were afraid of Israeli bombs killing them, not Hamas. She added, “Airstrikes exploded above us, and the Hamas operatives just kept sleeping. Your airstrikes don’t bother them.”

Israelis are increduled that Palestinians dare to live through their constant bombing and humiliation.

Between the Israeli bombardment, grief, mourning, and dehumanization, a Western hero had a suggestion: from the river to the sea is dumb, this offensive to this person or that person, why don’t you….

As Palestinians use their hands to dig for life under the rubble, pick up their family’s remains in plastic bags, get executed in front of their kids, watch their parents burn, and share their last piece of bread, I wanted to say: IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU!

It is about them.

So, as soon as you catch yourself thinking you had a better solution for people who have been under brutal occupation for 75 years, remember that you don’t and shut the fuck up.

However, if you insist on sending Palestinians your suggestions, take your warplanes and fly high over the Israeli checkpoints, across all the refugee camps, up above apartheid wall…and send us a leaflet, and we’ll make a meal out of your privilege.

Hi, I’m Nada, and I am from Palestine. One day, I will have a Man’ooshe with my people on my land. We will be free 🍉🪂.

Colonial leafelts from Israel
Quote from the Quraan that was dropped on Dec 6. 2023, on the residents of Khan Yunis, “The flood overtook them, while they persisted in their wrongdoings.”